First Fix Carpentry in London

We offer first fix carpentry services, including structural work such as making floor joists, roof studs, and wall studding.

Types of services

We specialize in making timber partition walls and shuttering work for concrete. We will install the roofing, whether lean-to roof, trussed or multi-pitched roof. Our carpenters will fit the staircase and will take care of all timber that is not visible. They will fix the staircase during the first stage of construction to allow access to the upper floor and upper parts of the building. However, if timber is decorative or will be exposed, they will leave it for the last moment. We will take care of the handrails and balustrading before decoration.


After we finish with the first fix, we will stop working. The plumbers will fix the pipes in the floor, walls, and roof, and the engineers will lay the cables. Then we will continue with the second fix.The difference between first and second fixFirst fix carpentry covers all work done, from building the foundation to plastering the walls. The finishing work is done during the second stage. This includes manufacturing and fitting countertops, bookcases, TV units, and more.

Here are some examples: