Glass Roof Installations in London

We install glass roofs above office spaces, commercial buildings, rooms, dining areas, and even above kitchen islands. Glass roofing brings natural light in and is less vulnerable to leaks than other types of roofing.


We offer glass roof installation for commercial and residential projects in London, including single and multi-family homes, townhomes, and retail stores. Whether you have a mobile home, apartment, or condo, our engineers can install a glass roof for you.


We use different roofing materials, including rust-proof fixings, aluminum frames, and
silicone. Aluminum frames are easy to maintain, resistant to wear and tear, and rustproof.Silicone gives a frameless and clean appearance. We also install solar control glass and low emissivity glass panels that help homeowners to control light and heat levels and reduce heat loss in cold weather.

Roof Installation

Our engineers will measure the size of the frame and the slope of the roof. They will extend the membrane of lead, asphalt, or felt to the upstand and will apply sealant. We will join the roof sections together and will use silicone for the joints. Our engineers will handle the frames and glass carefully to avoid damage.