Structural Concrete Application Service

We offer structural concrete application service to provide good strength-to-weight ratios for different structural components.

Benefits of structural lightweight concrete

The use of structural lightweight concrete results in reduced volume of concrete and size of the elements. Less reinforcing is required, and the cost is lower. Other benefits include better insulation properties and energy conservation.

Concrete application

We use pumps for concrete application and choose pump locations in a way that vertical fall is minimized. Pump lines have a minimum number of rubber hose sections, reducers, and elbows. If necessary, we will make adjustments to air content, aggregate content, slump, and other mixture characteristics. We will presoak the aggregate to prevent slump loss due to pressure during pumping. Slump loss may result in difficulties during finishing and placement.


Structural concrete is used to manufacture roofs, elevated floors, beams, columns, and walls. It is used for both commercial and residential structures and green construction. Custom made panels also include door and window openings, aches, and other elements to eliminate the need of additional assembly. Structural concrete is noise, pest, and water-resistant, without cracking and seams. It can be poured in place or pre-panelized for improved durability.