Flooring Installations in London

Flooring installations are our specialty – we will install flooring that supports your lifestyle, whether busy or relaxed, modern, or more traditional. Flooring comes in different styles and designs and sets the tone for your home interior. It can be solid wood, laminate, or tightly woven, depending on your choice.

Hardwood flooring

We offer wood floor installation for residential homes and commercial properties. Hardwood floors look beautiful in remodeled and new construction homes. Our clients can choose from different wood species, including pine, beech, white and red oak, and birch.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring comes in different colors and styles and is designed to resemble stone, ceramic, tile, and wood flooring. Clients can choose between low-pressure and high-pressure laminate flooring, offered by leading manufacturers. Low-pressure laminate chips easily and is intended for areas with light foot traffic. High-pressure laminate is more expensive, but it is a good choice for areas with heavy foot traffic.

Other types of flooring

Our fitters offer installation services for different flooring types, including engineered floors, vinyl flooring, and tile and stone flooring. Flooring comes in various designs and colors, including matte and glossy, multi-colored and two-colored, natural stone and ceramic, to suit your budget and taste.