Hot Water Underfloor Heating Installation

We offer underfloor heating installation services to residential, self build, commercial and trade customers.

Underfloor heating systems

Water is pumped around plastic tubes that are fitted in the flooring. There are different options to heat water, including thermal collectors, heat pumps, and others.


Our engineers use different methods to install underfloor heating systems. These include gluing down, laid floating without underlay, and floating over an underlay. Before installation, we will ensure that the subfloors are level and clean, and all materials are on site.  Our engineers will position the manifolds strategically at the beginning of the installation process. Typical locations include airing cupboards, utility rooms, and understairs cupboards. Our engineers will connect the pipes and will fix the UFH pipe. There are two methods to do this: clip rail and U-clip or kombi clip. We will bring the necessary tools and equipment with us, including pan head nails, kombi tacker gun, plumbers wrench, staple gun, etc.

Benefits of underfloor heating

The benefits of underfloor heating include extra space, ease of control, cost effectiveness, and comfort. Underfloor heating systems are maintenance-free, provide radiant heat, and help homeowners to save up to 30 percent on their heating bill.