Underground Draining Services in London

At Top Build UK we offer underground draining services for commercial and residential properties in London.

Underground drainage installation

We install underground drainage systems to eliminate moisture and dampness in the basement and to reduce erosion of the foundation. Excessive moisture leads to mildew and mold and often results in costly repairs. Our engineers will install downspouts, paying attention to the slope of your yard, the corners, and the type of roofing. They will fit downspouts that are of adequate size to handle heavy rainfall. After installation, we will test the underground drainage system in accordance with the Building Regulation (Approved Document H). We will fill all gullies with water and will put test bags or plugs into the ends of the pipes to test the system.

Types of drains

We specialize in different types of underground drains, including mole drains, box drains, rubble drains, and pipe or tile drains. These drains don’t interfere with farm operations and help reduce water wastage. We will install golden brown pipes, and you will distinguish them easily from clay drains which are dark brown in color.


We will make sure that you have easy access to the drainage system – for removal of debris, inspection, and maintenance.