Second Fix Carpentry

We offer second fix carpentry services to commercial and residential customers in London. Our carpenters will do the finishing work, including fixing floorboards, architrave, skirting, and more.

Services offered

Our carpenters will make any piece of furniture for your home, office, or retail store. This includes library units, made-to-measure bookcases, coffee tables, etc. We manufacture and install displays, school furniture, and shop counters for your shop or establishment.

Kitchen cupboards

We make kitchen cupboards from hickory, maple, cherry, and other wood species. If you have bought cupboards already, we can give them a finishing touch and will fit them for you. We will also fit the window frames, the doors, and the door linings. We specialize in different types of doors, including hardwood, softwood, and flush.


We will lay your flooring, whether laminate, engineered wood, or solid real wood. This can be done during the first stage, depending on your project’s requirements. Whether it is parquet flooring, plank flooring, or strip flooring, we install all types of solid wood floors. Our customers can choose from acrylic-impregnated wood flooring, laminate flooring, and bamboo flooring. There are different wood varieties for hardwood floors, including Douglas fir, cherry, and pine.

Everything is possible. Here are some examples: